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Product Review: Mobile Dog Water Dispensers

Dogs are extremely active animals; all they need is an open space to go about doing what they love. From pleasant walks to fetching Frisbees or balls, dogs love a good exercise. Good dog owners understand this and take their pets out for exercise on a daily basis, because it is crucial to the development and training of your dog.

As a result, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that so much physical activity, while fun, can leave you dog very thirsty; and not giving your dog plenty of water can leave them dehydrated. It isn’t always easy to find water when you are out playing with your dog, a simple and convenient option is the mobile dog water dispenser. It comes with a flap attached to the bottle and fills out water for your dog to drink. Below are three different options if you want to pick up a water dispensers for your boxer buddy.

Gulpy – Jr. Water Dispenser

Gulpy Jr. Water Dispenser

This water dispenser by Gulpy is rather popular. It offers a very convenient design that is available in bright colors and is perfect for when your dog gets thirsty while you are out exercising or walking. The bottle is attached to a flap shaped like an oval bowl that opens out and folds shut. It is basically a water bottle a dog can drink from. If the bottle runs out of water, you can also get bottle of water (as long as it fits the screw on connector) from the closest store and attach the flap onto it for emergencies.

Handi – Drink Dog Water Bottle

Handi-Drink Dog Water Bottle

With Handi’s drinking water bottle, you can now give water to your dog in seconds. It is a great way to give your dog fresh, clean, and sanitary water. You can use it in the car, in the park, or anywhere else when your dog gets thirsty. This brand conveniently wraps a water pan around a water bottle that forms a single lightweight unit. This contraption is compact enough to fit in your pocket, eliminating the need for you to haul bottle of water for your pet. Although this product looks to be a great concept, there are very mixed reviews on the product. Be sure to do look at the reviews to see if it’s a good option for you, prior to purchasing.

Water Rover – 3-Inch Bowl and 8-Ounce Bottle

Water Rover

Water Rover makes it easy for dog owners by combining a durable and lightweight bowl with a water bottle. If your boxer buddy starts to get thirsty, just simply unplug the bottle, lay it flat and watch as the water automatically flows into the bowl. The feature that separates this option from the others is that once your dog has finished drinking, any water that’s leftover saved for later by tipping the leftover water, letting it flow back into the bottle, replace the plug and carry on. No more wasted water!!

Review each of the product’s features in detail and choose the one that best suits you and your dog.

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