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Product Reviews

Product Review: Mobile Dog Water Dispensers

Dogs are extremely active animals; all they need is an open space to go about doing what they love. From pleasant walks to fetching Frisbees or balls, dogs love a good exercise. Good dog owners understand this and take their pets out for exercise on a daily basis, because it is crucial to the development and training of your dog.

As a result, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that so much physical activity, while fun, can leave you dog very thirsty; and not giving your dog plenty of water can leave them dehydrated. It isn’t always easy to find water when you are out playing with your dog, a simple and convenient option is the mobile dog water dispenser. It comes with a flap attached to the bottle and fills out water for your dog to drink. Below are three different options if you want to pick up a water dispensers for your boxer buddy.

Gulpy – Jr. Water Dispenser

Gulpy Jr. Water Dispenser

This water dispenser by Gulpy is rather popular. It offers a very convenient design that is available in bright colors and is perfect for when your dog gets thirsty while you are out exercising or walking. The bottle is attached to a flap shaped like an oval bowl that opens out and folds shut. It is basically a water bottle a dog can drink from. If the bottle runs out of water, you can also get bottle of water (as long as it fits the screw on connector) from the closest store and attach the flap onto it for emergencies.

Handi – Drink Dog Water Bottle

Handi-Drink Dog Water Bottle

With Handi’s drinking water bottle, you can now give water to your dog in seconds. It is a great way to give your dog fresh, clean, and sanitary water. You can use it in the car, in the park, or anywhere else when your dog gets thirsty. This brand conveniently wraps a water pan around a water bottle that forms a single lightweight unit. This contraption is compact enough to fit in your pocket, eliminating the need for you to haul bottle of water for your pet. Although this product looks to be a great concept, there are very mixed reviews on the product. Be sure to do look at the reviews to see if it’s a good option for you, prior to purchasing.

Water Rover – 3-Inch Bowl and 8-Ounce Bottle

Water Rover

Water Rover makes it easy for dog owners by combining a durable and lightweight bowl with a water bottle. If your boxer buddy starts to get thirsty, just simply unplug the bottle, lay it flat and watch as the water automatically flows into the bowl. The feature that separates this option from the others is that once your dog has finished drinking, any water that’s leftover saved for later by tipping the leftover water, letting it flow back into the bottle, replace the plug and carry on. No more wasted water!!

Review each of the product’s features in detail and choose the one that best suits you and your dog.

Product Reviews

Product Review – Dog Leashes

You can walk into a pet accessories store and grab the first leash you see for your dog, but that is not something a good dog owner does. A dog’s leash is one of the most important parts of your relationship with your dog; an appropriate leash coupled with an appropriate collar is a very important training tool for your dog.

boxer dog on leash

If you look around that pet accessories store, the sheer variations of different dog leashes is mind boggling, and choosing the right one can prove to be very tedious. There are different sizes, length, and materials of leash to choose from, but this list can be narrowed down to make it more manageable. Different types of dogs use different sizes of leashes. Depending on how active your dog is, you can decide on the length of the leash. Finally, depending on the strength of your dog, you can decide upon the material of the leash.

No two types of leashes can be substituted for each other. Each type of leash is selected according to the specific needs of the dog and its owner. However, even the best leash won’t make a difference if your dog is untrained. A dog’s leash compliments the training it has been given, but is not a substitute for training all together. Here are some leash varieties to experiment with:

Nylon Leash by Coastal Pet

The most common material to make leashes is Nylon. It is strong, it is cheap, and is available in every color you can imagine. Apart from causing ‘leash burn’ on your hands, these leashes  are therefore, one of the most used varieties. They fulfill their function perfectly and are very durable.

This Nylon leash by Coastal Pet is perfect for a puppy due to its very light weight. It won’t cause any additional strain on the small dog other than its own weight. Just make sure that you don’t take your dog for a walk in the rain with a nylon leash because a wet nylon leash is extremely slippery and will make it very difficult to control your dog.

Leather Leash by Lavien

Leather is perhaps one of the best materials for a leash and is also the most popular. Leather is an extremely strong material that softens over time. A leather leash allows you to maintain optimal control of your pet dog, it is also gentle on the hands, and naturally gives as it wears in.

Lavien Leather Leash

The leather leash by Lavien is made using the finest grade of leather than can last for decades. The hardware is rust and corrosion resistant, and offers a snap hook. Leather leashes are used for much larger and stronger dogs, like Rottweilers and Dobermans.

Cotton Leash by Guardian Gear

A leash with a decent give and soft material is made of cotton, and a good quality cotton leash is rather difficult to find. Apart from the chances of getting a rope burn if your dog gets overexcited, these leashes offer excellent control and adequate grip that is comfortable for your dog as well.

Guardian Gear Cotton Leash

Cotton leashes are excellent in water too. The Guardian Gear leashes are available in sizes of 20 to 50 feet, and are perfect for dogs that like to swim.

Product Reviews

Product Review – Cooling Dog Beds

The summer is particularly scorching this year; this is a bad news for both dogs and dog owners. It seems like stepping out into the sun is equivalent to stepping into a microwave. Humans somehow make do; they drink a chilled glass of cool aid, switch on the air conditioner, or go out for a dip in the pool. It’s their pets that suffer from the scorching heat; they are unable to sleep properly which results in lack of rest and can ultimately lead to a visit to the vet when the dog falls ill.

There is a product that can counter this heat and make it pleasant for your dog to sleep restfully. The product is known as a cooling dog bed. Just as the name of the product suggests, it is a rectangular pad that remains cool for long periods of time and allows your dogs to sleep comfortably in the heat. Below are 3 different brands of Cooling Beds that we looked at to help your dog during the hot summer months.

Please be aware that we have linked to each product’s Amazon page so that you can get more information on each of these products. Also, in the spirit of complete transparency, if you do choose to purchase one of these products from Amazon through one of these links, we do receive a commission.

Cooling Dog Bed by K&H 

K&H is a manufacturer of affordable yet quality dog accessories. They are known to produce some of the most, easy on the wallet pet beds, and this cooling dog bed is no exception.

As one of the best selling Cooling Dog Beds in the market, K&H has provided a way for dog owners to enjoy a peace of mind that their dog is receiving the perfect environment for staying healthy. Quality materials have been used for the manufacturing of this product. The exterior is a durable nylon and vinyl, which can last years of use as well as abuse. The product is so perfectly designed that it doesn’t offer any setbacks, just pure comfort for your pet, and peace of mind for the owner.

Cooling Dog Bed by PlayaPup

Playapup is a company that designs products that bring comfort into the lives of your pets. It also creates a number of accessories for dogs. One of the latest products designed by this company is a pressure activated cooling dog bed that is ideal, after you and your dog get some exercise.

The cooling dog bed uses a tough exterior of nylon and vinyl that can withstand anything a dog can do to it, including chewing and clawing. It doesn’t need to be frozen in the refrigerator. Instead, as soon as your dog lies down the bed, it absorbs all the heat, giving a nice cooling sensation to your dog.

Cooling Dog Bed by The Green Pet Shop

The Green Pet Shop is a dog friendly company that creates eco friendly products for dogs. They offer a wide range of products ranging from eco cleaners to warming products, to bamboo bowls, and this cooling pad.

The Green Pet Shop Cooling bed is one of the most effective and the most affordable cooling dog bed in the market. It offers a comfortable and happy resting time for your dog; it doesn’t matter if it’s after a long day, after exercise, or simply for lazing around.