Breed Information

Breed Characteristics of a Boxer

The boxer dog is a muscular dog with a unique square shaped broad head. The entire body of the boxer is squarely proportioned with a height that ranges from 21 to 25 inches and weight ranging from 55 to 75 pounds or even more in some cases. This extremely powerful dog was first bred by Germans and used as a watchdog for cattle. The boxer’s distinct head is in proportion to its broad and blunt muzzle. The dog’s undershot jaw was once used to hold prey for hunters.

Boxer dog

Boxer dog

Breed Standards of the Boxer

The boxer dog is easily recognizable due to its distinct head. According to the boxer breed standards; these dogs should have a head that is perfectly proportioned to its body. Moreover, the head has to be heavy. The muzzle of the boxer also has to be in the exact proportion to the skull. The boxer’s lower jaw sticks out its upper jaw and bends in an upward direction.

Docking and Cropping in Boxers

A very common practice that people have adopted for boxers is to crop their ears and dock their tails. As boxers were used for hunting and fighting purposes, their owners and breeders docked their tails and cropped their ears to avoid injuries and infections. Back in the days these practices were termed under medical procedures. However, today, due to the change in breed use and development, these are considered as cosmetic procedures and are considered extremely controversial.

Coat and Colors of Boxers

Boxers have a smooth and shiny coat with short hair on it. These dogs are either fawn in color or completely white. Some boxers also have white spots all over their body. Most commonly, boxers have a white underbelly, neck, and sometimes face. Boxers that have white marking like these are often known as flashy. A completely white coat boxer is known as a white boxer.

The fawn color tone of boxers is not limited to just a single tone. These tones vary in color from light tan, dark honey-blonde, to reddish tan. Boxers that have black spots on a fawn body are known as brindle. Reverse brindling is a term used for boxers that have lots of black stripes all over their body. Another important breed characteristic of the boxer is that these dogs should have a visible fawn color on their coat.

Boxer Puppies

Boxer’s Temperament

Although boxers were used for hunting, fighting, and working dogs, they are extremely well-behaved with humans and other pets. An increased number of people are keeping boxers as pets due to their lovable and playful nature. The boxers look strong and aggressive on the outside, but in reality, these dogs can be perfect pets for families.

Boxers are also very good with children and other pets if they are trained from an early age. These dogs are extremely intelligent and due to their active senses, they serve as great watching dogs.

Tough on the Outside, Lovable on the Inside

Boxer dogs have a broad head and an extremely pumped up muscular body. By looking at their looks, anyone would misunderstand them for being fighters and hunters. It is true that these dogs are extremely strong and powerful but when it comes to being pets, these dogs are extremely affectionate and lovable. Moreover, these dogs love to play and due to their extremely high levels of energy, they are constantly in a mood to run, play, and goof around. Although boxers were cross-bred between aggressive fighter dogs, they are still one of the most lovable dogs that are ideal as pets.

Extremely Energetic

Boxer dogs are muscular dogs that require lots of exercise. Therefore, when you have a boxer as pet, you need to take care of its exercising requirements. If boxers do not get enough exercise, they will become aggressive. Their never-ending energy always keeps the people around them happy.

"Wait for me!!"

“Wait for me!!”

Dominating Nature

By nature, boxers are pack dogs and they can become extremely dominating when it comes to taking the position of the alpha. However, when these dogs live as pets, this nature can turn into quite a big problem for family members and other pets. It is not easy to mark the alpha position for you with a dog that can make you nervous with its looks and personality. However, if you train the boxer properly, it will turn into your most loved companion. Boxers can sometimes be stubborn but with proper care and training, they can follow almost any command given by their owners.

Great Watchdogs

Boxer dogs are highly intelligent, alert, and smart dogs. Therefore, they act as active watchdogs for their guardians. Having a boxer as pet means that they will take care of the security of the home. They will keep a watchful eye on the door and bark when a stranger enters the property. Their muscular appearance is a plus for keeping the intruders far away from the home. Due to their alertness and intelligence, these dogs were the first ones to be part of the military service.

Loyal Friends

Boxers are extremely lovable dogs that are possessive about their owners. That’s the reason they are always protecting their owners and watching out for them. These dogs will also protect their owners outside the house and alert them of anyone who has bad intentions.

Boxers are extremely dynamic dogs. They can be protective, strong, lovable, playful, energetic, and even a bit of a clown at time – everything that a pet owner ever needs.