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Boxer Puppy Guide: How Much Should a Boxer Puppy Cost?

Yesterday, we looked answered the question: “What are the characteristics of a boxer puppy?” Today, we are going to answer the question, “How much should a boxer puppy cost?”

Boxer Puppies

Free Boxer Puppies

If you’re exploring adopting a puppy from a breeder, the price that a breeder quotes will be a reflection of the amount of time, healthy tests and other resources they will have spent. While it is possible to get some for free, there are 2 things that may be at work here:

  1. The puppy is more than likely a mixed breed (not that there’s anything wrong with that).
  2. There may be some genetic conditions that can prove to be very expensive to deal with.

Cheap Boxer Puppies

You can find online ads for cheap boxer puppies, but be aware that these puppies can come with conditions that will have a negative impact on their health which means that you will have to spend much more at the vet’s clinic in the end. Instead, you may want to look for a puppy from a trusted breeder who will have conducted sufficient health screenings so as to reduce any potential risks of disease.

Reputable Breeders

The prices charged by reputable breeders reflects the time, money and health testing invested in producing a healthy litter of puppies that are free (with the greatest certainty possible) of genetically inheritable conditions. Those conditions can severely impact the quality and length of life of your dog and cost a great deal in vet bills to treat. Health screening cannot provide an absolute guarantee that your dog won’t get sick – but it substantially reduces the risk. Reputable breeders will also provide a health guarantee against congenital and genetic conditions, so you have some recourse in the event such conditions develop.

If you decide to adopt a boxer puppy from a reputable breeder, you can be sure that the average price will be anywhere from $700 – $1,500. These prices are determined by what breeders have put in because they will want to recoup all their expenses. The other consideration for pricing will include nationality, color, gender, markings as well as any title or pedigree attached to the puppy.

Boxer Rescue Organizations

My recommendation if you’re looking to adopt a boxer puppy, would be to reach out to your local Boxer Rescue organization to see if they have any puppies. By working with one of these organizations, you can save a perfect boxer buddy match for you and your family from a difficult situation, and, you will typically spend less by becoming this animals hero!

The cost of adopting a boxer through one of these organizations can vary a lot. The best thing to do is to find the Boxer Rescue Organization in your area and talk to them directly about costs, adoption process, etc.

For a list of Boxer Rescue Organizations in your area, check out our Boxer Rescue Directory.

Pet Stores

Unless a pet store can provide clear history on where the puppies have come from including bloodlines, health history and breeder information, I would steer clear of buying a puppy from a pet store. It’s far too difficult to tell if pet store puppies have come from a puppy mill (subject of a future blog post) or not.

If the dollar amount you are going to spend on a boxer puppy is your primary concern, I would recommend not getting a boxer puppy. Instead, do your research and due diligence on finding a reputable breeder or organization who are doing what they do for the right reasons and providing as much value as they possibly can. If you take this approach when looking for your boxer buddy, you can be sure to limit the costly and even heartbreaking health and genetic conditions that can occur without the proper care and attention.

Next up: How Can You Tell If a Boxer Puppy is Purebred?

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