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8 Things You Need To Know Before Getting a Boxer Dog

Before you go ahead and bring a boxer dog home, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. As you will notice, a Boxer dog is not suitable for all homes and it is strongly advised that you do your homework and research this breed thoroughly before you either adding a boxer puppy to your home.

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Getting a dog is essentially an addition to your family, so it’s incredibly important to select the right breed. There are numerous factors that need to be taken into consideration including but not limited to your lifestyle, the dog’s size, age, training requirements, and activity levels.

Boxer’s Energy Levels

The energy level of Boxers is quite high and they need to exercised everyday and, as a good rule of thumb, they should be exercised for at least 60 minutes a day. Boxers are often described as having an endless amount of energy.

Physical and Mental Stimulation Required

Stimulation, both physical and mental is essential for a Boxer’s wellbeing. Being an extremely intelligent breed, they must be kept occupied physically and mentally with various activities to avoid unwanted behavioral problems.

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Know Health Conditions

Keep in mind, that there are a variety of serious health issues a Boxer can suffer from. Some of the most common issues faced by Boxers are allergies, skin problems, cruciate ligament rupturing, and in rare cases cancer and heart conditions. For more information on health conditions that can be associated with boxers, please check out this article: 5 Boxer Dog Health Conditions to Watch Out For.

Pet insurance is something the owner of a boxer dog should consider, as treatment for these conditions can be recurring and may require on-going treatment.

Boxers need a diet of quality food as they are prone to stomach and digestive problems. Maintaining this diet can prove to be expensive and may require some trial and errors before you get it right.

Separation Issues 

Boxers are known to have issues when separated from their owner. Boxers can find it difficult to cope well when separated from their owners for longer time periods, and in some cases, cannot be left alone at all. Boxers thrive through human contact, so denying the attention your Boxer craves can lead to unwanted behavioral problems such as urinating, digging, barking, and chewing every time you leave it alone.

Proper Socialization 

If a Boxer doesn’t receive adequate socialization from an early age, development of temperament and behavioral issues are can occur. Aggression and fear are the issues that are most frequently encountered.

To develop socialization skills in your boxer, you can take him to a dog park, doggy daycare or even just simply, one a week, taking your boxer to another home with other dogs can help your dog develop proper socialization skills.

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Just one warning, be sure to follow your vet’s recommended socialization practices based on your dog’s vaccination schedule. Without the proper vaccinations in place, socializing your dog can expose them to health conditions that can cause serious health effects.

Cleanliness of Boxers

When it comes to cleanliness, boxers love to get dirty, roll around and, of course, the beloved boxer slobber! As long as you maintain a regular grooming schedule, your boxer will always look strong and beautiful.

How They Act Around Children

Boxer dogs are boisterous, enthusiastic, and energetic and can knock over kids or jump up on to them if they get overly excited. However, Boxers are widely regarded as one of the best breeds for maintaining a patient demeanor and behaving quite well around kids. Try to expose your boxer to children of all ages, from newborns to teenagers from an early age so your boxer learns how to act around children of all ages.

They are Lap dogs

Despite their large size, Boxers consider themselves as lap dogs and like nothing more than sitting at their owner’s knees, beside them on a sofa or, in my experience, draped right across your lap like an oversized, hairy seatbelt. But you know what… I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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