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4 Tips to Proper Exercise for Your Boxer Dog

If you are planning on bringing a boxer dog or puppy to your home, make sure you are well aware of its exercising needs. Boxer dogs are full of energy and to keep them healthy and active, you need to meet their exercising requirements. To keep a boxer healthy, you need to provide it exercise on a daily basis to avoid muscle loss and bone weakness. Let’s take a look at some exercising tips for a boxer dog that will keep it healthy, steady, strong, and happy.

Boxer Dog Exercising 2

Boxer Dog Playing Fetch on the Beach

Boxer Puppies Need Less Exercise

There is a huge difference between the exercising requirements of an adult boxer and a boxer puppy. Adult boxers are muscular, huge, and strong. Therefore, they have vigorous exercising requirements. However, when we talk about boxer puppies, we need to understand that puppies are fragile and are in the process of developing. Therefore, if you take them out for excessive exercise, they will be unable to grow their body’s structure properly. Once your puppy has grown into a strong muscular dog, you are free to take it for intense workout sessions that will maintain its health and energy levels.

Consider Weather Conditions

Taking your boxer outdoors for exercise is extremely important. However, a great factor to keep in mind is the weather conditions. Boxer dogs belong to Mastiff breed, which means that they have shorter, flatter faces, and a compressed skull. Therefore, harsh exercise during extreme weather can make it hard for them to breathe. Moreover, boxers have shorter hair on their body, which is another reason for their sensitivity to sun, rain, and cold. Therefore, before taking your boxer outdoors, make sure you have prepared to protect it from heat or cold.

Taking the Boxer for a Walk

Walking is the best exercise for your boxer. An adult boxer requires 30 – 45 minutes of walk every day; whereas, a boxer puppy needs only 20 minutes of walk each day. However, walks during the winter season should be shorter to avoid making your dog sick. Walks during the summer days should be scheduled in early morning to avoid taking the dog out in extreme heat or sunny conditions.

Playing Games with Your Boxer

Another great way to keep the dog excited and energetic throughout the exercising routine is to play games with him. You can play tag with your dog or toss your boxer’s favourite toy in the park. You can make the fetching game more exciting by running towards the toy to compete with your dog. Your boxer dog will need fun exercises like these twice or thrice a week (adult boxers only). You can use a tennis ball or Frisbee to play fetch with your boxer.

Boxer Dog Exercising

Boxer Dog Exercising

Your boxer will always be willing to go outdoors for some exercise. However, as the dog’s owner, you need to make sure that you do not take the dog for heavy exercise just after it has had its meal. Taking your dog for exercise right after a meal can cause digestive problems. It is safe to take it for a walk thirty minutes after the meal.

When you meet your boxer’s exercising requirements, you will notice that your boxer will stay calm and composed even if you leave it at home for a few hours. A happy boxer is the one that gets adequate physical exercise every day.

What is your boxers favourite type of exercise or games to play?

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