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3 Tips to Handle Aggression Problems of Your Boxer Dog

There are certain breeds of dogs that tend to show aggression problems including the boxer. These dogs are lovable but can become quite troubling if handled the wrong way. An aggressive boxer can be extremely challenging to handle and to be honest very dangerous. Boxers are muscular dogs with a broad head and a strong built. It is not funny to see such a dog charging right at you. Therefore, you need to know the tricks to avoid such behavioral problems in boxers. To put a stop to a boxer’s aggression, you need to work more on yourself than your dog.

boxer dog on leash

Train Your Dog to be Sociable

A boxer dog’s natural instinctual behavior is to be strong, powerful, and the leader of the pack. Therefore, if you did not socialize the dog as a puppy, then there is a high chance that it can start to show signs of aggression.

Boxer dogs need socialization training starting at a very young age. They are naturally friendly, so if they are introduced to other people and pets as puppies, you are increasing the odds that they will turn out to be the friendliest pets.

Practice Focused Attention Exercise

Boxer dogs show aggression mostly when they feel threatened by something. However, if you establish yourself as the leader and a trustable figure, the dog will not bark or bite at strangers or other dogs that pass by it. A great way to establish a bond of trust with the dog is to use the focused attention exercise method.

In this training method, you will need to take your dog in a safe place where it cannot harm anyone. You will also need to take lots of treats with you but make sure the treats are hidden from the dog. This training method makes use of treats, verbal commands, and eye-contact.

First, you will need to call your dog’s name and quickly turn around. It is okay to use other voice commands. Now, if your dog looks at you or follows you, you take out a treat to praise its action. However, make sure that you make eye contact with the dog before giving it the treat.

After one successful attempt, you will need to repeat the same practice several times until your dog learns to stay focused at you at your command. Once the dog has learned the exercise, you will need to continue it in other places with more distractions. This way, your dog will learn to respond to you every time you call its name, which will be helpful in controlling its aggression. However, using a muzzle or a head halter is a great way to ensure everyone’s safety.

Use a Muzzle

When a boxer is barking and growling at a stranger, it doesn’t mean that it wants to harm them. Boxers tend to hide their fear behind aggression. Therefore, if your dog is showing aggression to a stranger, it might be feeling threatened. However, it may not safe to leave an aggressive boxer free. You can make use of a muzzle to keep everyone around the dog safe. Muzzles are extremely useful in controlling the boxers that bite when angry. Just be sure that when buying a muzzle, you need to make sure that it is a perfect fit for your dog’s mouth. If the muzzle does not fit properly, it can injure your boxer.

If your boxer is being aggressive to strangers and pets, then you need to adopt intense training techniques or, hire a professional to let it know that the behavior is not appreciated. You can also make use of a leash or a collar to control the dog’s aggression. In the end, it all depends on the way you train your boxer.

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